Deleting voiceover voices in ios 15

iOS and iPadOS

Hi,i can’t remove a voiceover voice from my phone since ios 15,can you help me, i don’t know if it can help,but my phone is iphone SE



Submitted by Missy Hoppe on Sunday, October 3, 2021

I currently have a 256 GB iPhone 8 Plus. I've been trying to redownload a few of the Siri English voice varients, and no matter what I do, they refuse to download. I double tap them, and absolutely nothing happens. I try setting them as the voice for Siri, and even that doesn't force them to download. I got all voices to download on my Apple TV, but there are just a few that my phone won't download no matter what: and yes, I made sure it was plugged in at the time I attempted the downloads. Hoping I will be able to get all English voices to download when I get my iPhone 13 pro at the end of this month.