Deleting an App from Iphone

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Now I have had my Iphone4S for over a year, I have several app's which i don't use and would like to delete. Could anyone tell me how to do this?



Submitted by mehgcap on Monday, December 3, 2012

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Deleting apps is pretty simple. Doube tap and hold on any app on your home screen and leave your finger down until vo says "editing apps". Now lift your finger, find the app to be deleted, and double tap. You will get an alert asking you if you really want to do this; double tap the "delete app" button and the app will be removed. You can keep double tapping apps to delete them as long as you want, no need to double tap and hold again (in fact, doing so would start moving the app you slected). When you are done, hit the home button to exit this editing mode.

Submitted by J.P. on Monday, December 3, 2012

Double tap can be difficult for people, however you should practice this. There is an easier way 1. Go into Settings 2. Go into general tab 3. Go into Usage, tap on the app you would like to delete and tap delete.

I have also noticed that sometimes the tape and hold thing doesn't exactly work. I tried this with deleting aps and sometimes I would tap twice holding my finger down the second time and it would do the little beep thing then it would do the sound that the phone makes when you open an ap. Very frustrating. I'm not trying to veer this thread in a new direction but I tried the same thing with contacts, and trying to delete them. Same result. It would act like it was going to pop up that little edit screen then just immediately open up the contact I was trying unsuccessfully to delete. Btw, if anyone knows of a faster way to delete contacts than going into each one and wiping out the name and number one lousy character at a time, i'd be tickled to know it. We could start a new thread on that subject actually. But for this thread, tell me please, a reliable way to keep the phone from opening up whatever i'm trying to edit or delete. Sincerely Bline Blues Mama

It only works on apps, not anywhere else. To delete a contact, open it up, double tap the edit button in the top right corner, and then go to the very bottom of the screen with a four finger tap on the bottom half of the screen. You should find a button to delete the current contact. Alternatively, when viewing a list of all contacts, double tap the edit button in the top right, select all the contacts you want to delete with a double tap, and then find the delete button.