Deleting *all* mail in a folder

iOS and iPadOS

Is there a method to select and delete *all* messages in a particular mail folder at once without having to select each one separately?

Sometimes I collect a lot of messages in one folder and just want to get rid of them all.

In some app, when I click on "Edit" there is also a "select all" button, but I don't see any such button in the iPhone mail app.

Thanks for any suggestions.




Submitted by MarkSARCH on Monday, April 28, 2014

Hi Peter
there are a way how to delete all mail message in a folder for iOS devices.
so all the messages from the same recipient are into a folder.
this process works for all devices running iOS6 or newer.
you don't mention what iOS is running in the device but for sure there iOS6 or 7
Okay follow the next steps.
into the inBox window
where you are able to see the messages list
per example
apple Vis 6 messages in thread.
there two options
making a single gesture do
flick down using one finger
voiceOver will announce to you few options.
select delete for iOS6or
trash, Archive for iOS7
all depend what server you are using.
just make double tab and ready.
NOTE; continue doing the flick down gesture until see the option.
if after make the gesture flick down don't find the options mention above.
bring the rotor feature
using two finger rotate until listen the option
where you listen this option do
flick down
until reach the options mentions above
Trash, Archive.
and just
double tab.
I hope this helps.


Thanks for your reply. You accurately described the method one can use for deleting one message at a time using iOS 7.x.

I am familiar with that method and use it all the time.

What I was looking for, however, was a method of easily deleting *all* messages in a folder at once rather than having to delete messages one at a time. I didn't see any "select all" option when editing as I do in other aplications.

Maybe there is not a way of selecting all items in the Apple mail app and one has to delete messages one at a time.

Hope they can fix this in the future.

thanks again.


Submitted by Isaac Hebert (not verified) on Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The only way to do this is to go to edit. Then select each message that you want to delete then choose trash. At this time there is not any other way to do this.

Submitted by dvdmth on Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Club AppleVis Member

There is a trick that sighted users can do in order to move or delete all emails in a mailbox. It involves selecting a message, holding a finger on the Move button, then deselecting the message before releasing the Move button. This causes the Move button to behave like it was Move All, much like the Mark button becomes Mark All if there are no items selected.

Unfortunately, this trick cannot be done with VoiceOver, since there is no way to perform two separate gestures simultaneously. I believe it is just as well, though, because people who have used this technique to delete all emails have run into problems, such as messages reappearing, the iOS device locking up for a few minutes, and other weird things. That is probably why Apple currently does not support moving or deleting all emails, as the feature is apparently broken. So they chose to have the Move and Trash buttons disabled when no items are selected. The trick essentially circumvents the button disabling, thereby getting access to the broken feature.

Long story short, you will need to remove the emails individually for now, though Apple may fix this in a future update. If you email account uses IMAP, then you can work around this by accessing your email account on a computer and deleting all messages there, after which they will also be removed on your iOS device the next time it syncs. However, if your email account is POP, this will not work.

Submitted by Blind Joe on Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hi Peter. It is possible to delete all mail in a folder but you have to be jailbroken. Let me know if you are and I will. elaborate:-)