Dating/Social Networking Apps and Dynamic Text

iOS and iPadOS

Hey all, thank you for creating this community, I can tell its going to be very useful for me. One thing I was wondering though, is there a list of which dating or social networking apps would support dynamic text on iOS 10? I'm legally blind and so the larger text is very useful to me, but apps like Discord have no functionality for it, which makes it useless to me. Would prefer free apps if possible, but just curious to see what is available. Thanks in advance.



Submitted by Dalia on Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Welcome to AppleVis (smiles)

I am very sure that no such list exists on AppleVis. Unfortunately, what you are seeking is probably a little too specific and niche to be anywhere else either.

Submitted by BlindMan94 on Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Thanks for the welcome, and yeah, I figured. It'd be nice to know even if there were just 1 or 2 apps that would fit that.