dabel changed their platform?

iOS and iPadOS

I've noticed I hadn't received any updates on the app dabel for a while so I thought I'd investigate. When I opened it it said they were currently under maintenance. Upon further research I had found that they moved to a lounge platform and that that they are currently in public beta. I found this information via their twitter just in case anyone was wondering. There twitter has the link to their public beta via testflight.

Anyone know why they decided to leave the live streaming platform? I thought it was a great app for very accessible livestreaming myself.



Submitted by Herbie Allen on Sunday, July 18, 2021

Who needs them when you've got Clubhouse which is way more popular? Maybe they want to try something different?

I would like to try clubhouse but I don't like their sign up process. I don't give my phone number out to people I don't know and from what I understand you have to do that to get an invite. I hope that they come up with a better process soon.

Submitted by Tanya Harrison on Sunday, July 18, 2021

Clubhouse just use your number so they can inform you about friends joining Clubhouse, and to get you in touch with your contacts who are already using the platform. Once you have signed up, no one has access to your number. Clubhouse is different to Whats App, where anyone on that platform has full access to your phone number.

I totally agree about not giving out your phone number. I seriously think they shouldn't require it. Now if others like that, then that's perfectly fine with me. But as for myself, I don't like being forced to give that out.