Creating ringtones using iTunes with RMaker

iOS & iPadOS
Hello guys, I just wanted to post a way to create ring tones, because as I found out a few days ago iTunes for whatever reason does not allow you to create them strictly through iTunes anymore. The people at Apple told me that I need to use an app calledRMaker to do this, and it works. Here's what I did: First, download RMaker To your phone from theApp Store. From there, open the app and select the song that you want to make into a ringtone. Then, select your Starting and stopping point, and play the tone back, to make sure that it's where you'd like it to be. Then double tap save, and plug your phone into your PC. From here, you want to go to the summary tab, then tab over to the apps checkbox to check it, then tab over to the iTunes file sharing area. You'll hearJaws Say something like these apps can transfer documents and data, tab over til you get to the apps Treeview, and you'll find theRMaker App along with the recent Tone you've created. Tab over to save two, and press enter, and from here, you want to tab over to the list of various folders, andJaws Will say something like iTunes and list of various folders that you can save this tone into. I believe you can save the tone and pretty much any folder you want to, I personally save mind to the tones folder. So select that one, and then leave the iTunes program. Now go to your start menu, and go to your music folder on your PC. Arrow down to iTunes within the music folder, press enter, And arrow down to iTunes media, pressing enter on it. From here, you should see your tones folder, go into that, and the ringtone You just sent it should be there. Press enter on it, and it will begin playing, which in turn will automatically sync it to your iTunes ringtones library. All you have to do to see if it's there, is just go back into iTunes, and navigate to your tones library, and it will be there. I hope this helped those of you that are interested in doing this. Feel free to ask questions if need be, I'll do what I can to help further if possible. Shane. from my iPhone



Submitted by sockhopsinger on Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A different way for you to get your ringtone is that after you save it to a folder using iTunes, click on add file to library, CTRL plus O if you use a PC, don't know if you're on a Mac. Navigate to the file and hit enter on it. That will add it to your iTunes library. Then, make sure your iPhone is highlighted, click on the Ringtones checkbox, and sync. That juts saves the step of having to exit iTunes. Also, I believe Apple has a 40 second Ringtone limit and a five second text tone limit. Just keep that in mind when creating your Ringtone or text tone.

Submitted by vanharris on Thursday, July 18, 2013

I havae made lots of tones with Rmaker. You did a great job of explaining the file sharing process.