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What is the Voiceover jesture to copy the last thing spoken to the pasteboard? I don't see it in the manual. Where did I read that? I found it. I went into Voiceover practice on the phone from settings> general> accessibility> voiceover. I found the jesture but haven't found much documentation on the clipboard or pasteboard and copying the last text spoken. VO says ""Copy last spoken text to clipboard." I was looking for pasteboard. Where did I read that it is also called a pasteboard in iOS? I remembered it might involve 3 fingers. Yep. It's 3 finger quadroople tap. I want to practice using that feature and pasting to other documents with the keypad. Thanks. Bob



Submitted by mehgcap on Monday, December 16, 2013

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On iOS, the gesture is a three-finger tap four times. Note that this is iOS7 and later. On OSX, the command is ctrl-option-shift-c. As usual, if you are on iOS and have Zoom enabled, you must add a three-finger tap.

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Thanks mehgcap. I'm glad I didn't accidently turn zoom on and get even more confused. Bob

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Is there a Braille command for copy last spoken phrase?