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Hello everyone... since the screen sensitivity bug has been squashed in iOS 7.0.3 I've been thinking of upgrading back to iOS 7. Something that is really important to me, however, is I have begun learning guitar and use the talking tuner app to independently and accurately tune my instrument. Does anyone know if that app still works in iOS 7? Any other thoughts on upgrading are welcome as well. Thanks much, Greg



Submitted by Andrew on Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hello Gregg, If I were you, I would just wait. If it isn't broke right now; don't fix it. There are still some things in IOS 7.0.3 that are iffy. Besides, if your apps that you rely on now work fine on the IOS version you are running, there is no reason to do so at this point. IOS 7.1 will be out between thanksgiving and New-Years and that will put IOS 7 on par where it should have been day 1 upon release. Barring an update by one of the dev's of your applications that you really rely on telling you that you have to be on IOS 7.x for the app to work....stay put. -Andrew-

Submitted by Charlie on Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Greg, I also use the Talking Tuner for tuning my guitar and yes, it still works after I upgraded to IOS 7.0.3. It will be interesting, though, to find out waht will be included in IOS 7.1 when it reaches us.

Submitted by Siobhan on Wednesday, October 30, 2013

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Hi. If you want to to use IOS 7 and aren't sure if one app works, is that a real reason to shelve the idea? I'm not saying you have to update the nanosecond it's released, simply that you did enjoy IOS 7 before the touch sensitivity bug made you downgrade. If it all comes down to one app, you're putting your proverbial eggs all in one basket. I'd suggest upgrading, along with emailing the developer of the talking tuner app. I sent an email to the guided photo pro developer as that app, as well as the cigness app the spy game, don't work right now. I still have them both and patiently await updates. It's certainly your choice, but if you think you'll like IOS and are concerned about one app, I'd say ask about it or perhaps see if another ap might work better then the talking tuner one. good luck, Siobhan

if the only thing you are concerned with is if talking tuner works or not, it does work. just used it to tune my guitar the other day. so if the touch screne bug was the only one that was the barrier from getting you to upgrade, you can now. as you said its gone, and while there are still a few handfulls of buggs still, one will hope they will get squashed. yet, i have some doubts. but its all your choice.

Thanks everyone. I was thinking about it and I think I can live with the rest of the bugs if the screen sensitivity bug is squashed and hope for more fixes in iOS 7.1. Really glad to hear that Talking tuner works. For those of you who were wondering why my decision was based on one app alone… This is a very important app. I am becoming quite serious about the guitar, and knowing that I have the option to assist my ear with an accessible tuner is a nice place to be. Thank you everyone. I guess the only thing to consider is whether not I will mind the lack of reading notification badges on folders. Sure it's a pane but hopefully it's squashed in 7.1. Thanks again, Greg