Confused about giving star ratings on Yelp

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Hey all,
I was writing a review of a restaurant on Yelp just now and things seemed to be going fine... except once I posted the review, it showed as 3 stars although I gave a rating of 4 stars. I hit the Edit Review button, changed the star rating from 3 to 4 and clicked Post Review. I was then presented with another screen showing the text of my review, the star rating (correctly displaying 4 stars) and options for sharing my review to several social media sites. I hit Continue and got a confirmation screen thanking me for the review and prompting me to review other places I had recently visited. All seemed well until I pulled up the edited review and once again saw that it showed just 3 stars! I repeated the edit process again and have the exact same experience. Either the app is not correctly recording my star rating or VoiceOver is incorrectly reading the rating back to me. I just want to make sure the rating I actually intended to give is what shows up to the business and other users. Anyone else have some experience with this? Thanks



Submitted by sockhopsinger on Tuesday, April 24, 2018

I have had that happening for a long time now whenever I give Yelp reviews. There are places that I really want to give 5 stars to only to find 3 showing up. On the other hand, I've been unfortunate enough to have to rate somewhere with a 1 star review. Fortunately, for them, it bumped it up to three stars in the app. Unfortunately for them, I found a way around it, although it is not ideal. If you want a review to reflect properly for your rating, you'll have to go there from your web browser. I don't know if if will work properly in Safari, but the corrections worked for me when using a Windows browser. Sorry I can't be more help.

Submitted by Luke on Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Do we know if anyone here has actually reported the bug to Yelp? I appreciate your suggestion to use the computer but the whole point is that the app should function properly. I mean... we’re talking about a service where rating places is the whole point. Lol. If there’s one thing that should work properly, it should be the ability to select a rating.

I’m floored to learn this is a longstanding issue and still hasn’t been fixed yet. I don’t think we should just roll over and accept it. This is core functionality we’re talking about — this is unacceptable