A compass which is accessible with Vo

iOS and iPadOS
Hi, Does anyone know of a compass which will just give either four or eight points. Ideally, we are looking for an app for the iPhone etc Which will tell a person in which direction they are facing, i.e. North, or Southeast. Any ideas? Thanks.



Submitted by Kirsten Edmondson on Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'm afraid that's too complicated. I don't want any latitude and longitude degrees etc. What I need simply needs to say the direction. It is for a child under 10 who is learning about the compass points and we would like to use technology to help him. His support staff have iPhones and iPads available, and he can use voice over pretty well, but I need an appropriate app, simple For an eight-year-old to use with help from sighted people, but which he could easily access and understand. Thanks.

Submitted by Daniel on Thursday, September 27, 2012

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The compass app on the iPhone will give you straight directions, it's the first thing on the screen, or it will tell you as you're walking.

Submitted by butterfly on Friday, September 28, 2012

There is an iPhone app called " A+ voice compass. It will speak the direction of travel, the 4 main directions as well as the intermediate directions. As you turn your body / iPhone in a circle. it is a paid app. I paid $ 0.99 for it. There is also a french version of this app. for the same price. In order to hear the built in voice speak, you need to have your phone ringer on. ( not muted ). Hope this app helps.

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