Commenting on uncommented/unliked Facebook posts

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Hope this belongs here. My dad recently purchased an iPhone 4S and I'm helping him get it going. Anyway, when using either the Facebook mobile site or the actual Facebook app, most things work fine. However, neither one of us can find a way to comment on a status on which nobody has liked or commented. If at least one person has liked or commented, we can follow that link and comment, but if there are no comments or likes, there's no link there. Any thoughts? Thanks!



Submitted by Brie96 on Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I've been having the same issue. I can't coment or like anything. Facebook keeps updating, and with every update it becomes more and more inaccessible. It's making me really mad!!

You are correct at this time we can't. At one time to solve this problem I used an app called Facely HD. It too doesn't work. I believe everytime Facebook make their changes it breaks the apps as well until they fix the issue. I can only hope somebody else has found a solution or know of anoter app that would work for all of us on this problem. This has always been ongoing problem for us when they keep making major changes.

Submitted by blindgator on Saturday, October 22, 2011

So happy to hear that I am not the only one who is fed up with Facebook. For such a bright guy, Zuckerburg obviously doesn't know a thing about accessibility or care. You are all correct, every time Facebook updates it becomes less and less accessible. I can not add friends anymore on the pc, or comment on other people's status updates. Even posting a simple status doesn't work half time. The mobile app which started working pretty good for awhile, has taken ten steps back with the latest upgrade, and Facely HD doesn't work as well as it used to, and forget about trying to contact anyone at Facebook, as I have tried. I do still hold out hope that Facebook may get its act together one day, but for now I have to deal with the daily frustration of it being almost completely inaccessible.

Now that someone has brought the subject of Focus. I check it out and indeed you can like and comment to a status on this app. So install Fouc and just double click on a status. Swipe to the right a few times. You will find the Like and Comment button. It lacks a few things but in general I find this app very awesome to have. This has earned a spot on my iPhone I will use all the time. Check it out at:

Facebook is inaccessible everywhere. Yep, In the beginning facebook was retty accessible on the website. Now it is totally frustrating to use it. The same is with the iPhone app. every time when there is an update for facebook showing up on my app store, I think... Ho... so, more inaccessibility coming? sadly, it's true. My solution of posting statuses is the selective tweets application for facebook, so if making a tweet, i just post an hashtag #fb. But thats not the solution, because not everyone who are having facebook have twitter and you still cannot like or comment statuses.

HI. another way i manage facebook is by using the friend mail.

 it basically let's you manage most of your facebook tasks via email. I don't know if this will help anyone but there you go. The only thing i found with focus, is there sseems no way to comment on a notification. So in other words if i post something and someone replies to that post, there seems to be no way for me to comment back. does that make sense? I hope the friend mail helps someone.