Command-W doesn't work

iOS & iPadOS

I am a Mac newly. Everything I read says to use command--w to close a window. On my Sierra Mac it reads a word and spells it when hit twice. Nice! But how do I close a window or an app?



Submitted by Seanoevil on Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Just confirming that you are using a Mac with Sierra..?
If so, then the following key commands should work:
VO plus W: Repeats word, second press spells word, third press spells word phonetically.
(For reference, VO equals Control plus Option)
Command plus W: Closes the current Tab.
(For reference, command is on the left side of the spacebar. The command key to the right of the spacebar does not necessarily operate the same.)

Unless there has been some adjustments to your Keyboard Commander, these commands should just work.



Submitted by Krazy Kat on Saturday, June 8, 2019

I've been using the Mac and VoiceOver for many years and this problem has only shown up with the latest OS update. If you turn off VoiceOver the command works like it should, but with VoiceOver on the vo cursor is moving from heading to heading on my machine. I can't imagine where to look to diable this new behavior, but I hope a fix is not long in coming.


Submitted by Krazy Kat on Sunday, June 9, 2019

So, having recently been suffering from the same problem I incorrectly suspected the recent update of Mac OS. However, I remembered that I had checked the box in the VoiceOver utility that enabled 'Fast Searching.'Namely at the bottom of the Navigation pane of the VO utility there is a checkbox "Enable fast searching" If you have checked this, try unchecking it and see if 'command W' as well as other commands start behaving more as expected. Hope this helps.