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Hi, 2 topics with the word recognition in them,yea! =P So,as the subject says,or doesn't :d. which color recognition app is the best at what it is suppose to do. I am looking for nothing complex,just to recognise colors of clothes and such. oh and while we are at it,which is the best OCR app according to you? just looking for your opinions,here. thanks for all the suggestions.



Submitted by falcon wings on Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hello there. Sorry for replying so late, anyway. thanks David for the podcast links. color wiser sounds like the thing for me,but my pockets are drained for this I suppose I'll try something which is free for this month,at least. =d

Hi, I'd say colour visor is a very good colour recognition app, it has a lot of interesting features. There are a lot of apps like this out there, all with slightly different feature sets, so I suppose it's up to personal choice which is the best and which to purchase. In terms of OCR apps, then I'd say text detective is the best I have found, although the ability to recognise text in live video captures in realtime that you get with "talking goggles" is a great feature, and text detective partially implements this as well. I saw "digitise" mentioned previously; this is a great app, however it is a barcode scanner and not an OCR app, just to clarify. Thanks Chris

Thank you Chris, however I am not looking for much in a color recognition app so I'll look around at the free ones first. if not I'll just buy the color viser next month. I have been hereing good things about talking goggles so whent ahead and bought it as it was just $0.99 have yet to install it,though. Text detective is another one that I heare things about,so according to you guys, how is the recognition capability of text detective compare to talking goggles? Thanks again for the ideas. Falcon wings.

Submitted by chris R on Sunday, May 5, 2013

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Yes, colour visor is a very feature rich app, for example having the ability to read the RGB values and the possibility to take a photo and explore colours on it by moving your finger around the image. Personally, I find these come in very handy, but as you say, a lot of people want a simple app that just recognises colours, and there are a lot of free apps out there that do a good job. text detective and talking goggles do a slightly different thing to each other: talking goggles is more for object recognition via OCR, whereas text detective is aimed specifically for reading documents ETC. One advantage of text detective, is that all data is processed on the phone, and so an Internet connection is not needed to use the app. I have had very good results with text detective, I would say often around about 95% accuracy, which makes it miles better than anything else I've tried. Keep in mind, you must hold the phone in landscape to use text detective, which I personally feel works better in most situations. You also get audio and vibratory feedback when text is found which is nice. Chris :)

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