Checking App Store Balance Without Sighted Assistance?

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How can I check the available credet of my app store ballence without using sited assistance?
I see my apple user name, but to get the remaining ballence, I must get some eyes to tell me what it is.
Any help will be apreciated very much.




Submitted by steven carey on Saturday, October 31, 2015

Hello Gary,
I am having the same issue as you. I had a voucher from when I first purchased my first iPhone in 2012 and a family member came across it. I had not used it but found when I entered the voucher code I received £70, about USD 100. However, I did not know if I could use the credit on the app store as I could not 'see' the balance there. However, when I switched to iTunes I could. Therefore, I am still a little confused as I still do not know if I can only use the balance on iTunes or whether I can use it on the app store too. It might be that iTunes shows the balance for VO users and not the app store. However, a solution for you might be to go to iTunes to check your balance?


Submitted by MarkSARCH on Saturday, October 31, 2015

Gary and Steven
the credit of iTunes store you could use it only as software purchase but not hardware devices
software means tones, books, apps, music movies Etcetera.
when you have a iTunes gift card this is completely difference when use a credit card from a bank or visa card that there not restriction to buy items from.
to check iTunes balance one of the easier way is the follow there many ways to do it but this is the easier for you guys.
Open iTunes Store from your iOS device
on the bottom there many taps select Music
flick from left to right using one finger only couple times then do it in opposite side
keep flicking from right to left to find it it's little bit tricky flick left to right or switch it
to iOS9 where shows your apple ID voiceOver will announce the credit balance
if you are not able to read your credit press double tap on your apple ID
select view my apple ID and press double tab
enter your apple ID password and click okay
under account settings will show the apple ID credit balance
to get out click on down button.

Submitted by Serena on Tuesday, November 3, 2015

hi guys. i can confirm this as of today, as i just placed some cash on my account with some cards i just went and purchased.
if you go to the app store, focus on the featured tab, and flick left some, eventually you get to where it has a button showing your apple ID, along with how much is in your current balance.
so, this bit is what you're looking for.
Apple ID:, $40.00 Credit Button

that is a direct copy, word for word, of what mine is showing, other then my actual apple id for security reasons. you may have to focus on the tab and flick left a few times, as sometimes, while it's updating, it will take you to another part of the screen.

good luck