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Hello all,
I had posted on the site a while back about an issue I was having loging into the Chase mobile app on my iPhone. I emailed the Chase accessibility department, and I wanted to share their response in case anyone else is having issues logging into the app.

"Thank you for providing feedback on the Chase mobile app using the iPhone 7, iOS 10. We understand you are not able to access the keyboard when you are trying to enter your username and password when using voice over.

This is a known defect in the Chase mobile app where users would experience this behavior when launching the app for the first time, or reinstalling it. In your case, we suspect there is an overlay being displayed on screen which is blocking the username and password fields. You cannot enter text into those fields until the overlay covering them has been dismissed. Also, we are assuming you are not using an external keyboard.

We suggest using Explore By Touch to explore the screen to find the Enroll button then locate the Log On button with your finger. Double-tap it to dismiss the overlay. Note:
when the overlay is displayed, you will find two Log On buttons; one that is part of the overlay and one which is actually behind the overlay. If double-tapping one of the buttons does not work, try the other one. Once the overlay is dismissed, you should be able to interact with the username and password fields normally.

Should you not feel comfortable using Explore By Touch, use standard swipe gestures to navigate through the screen elements. When you encounter the ?Welcome to Chase Mobile!? element, use swipe navigation to focus on the first Log On button that follows this element. The first Log On button is the one in the overlay and you can activate the Log On button with a double tap gesture.
Focus will then land on the actual Log On screen and the overlay will be dismissed. The User ID and password fields should then work as expected."



Submitted by Kent on Tuesday, February 7, 2017

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I use the app everyday and it works great. I also have installed the new "Chase Pay" app and it works well for using the pay bar code for the places it is excepted. Good job Chase. Job well done.

Submitted by John Gassman on Monday, January 29, 2018

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Chase required a verification code when I purchased my new desktop computer and recently the iPhone 8 plus. the desk top went smoothly, the iPhone did not. I put the codes in on numersous occasions and wound up back on the same screen. Even after I put in my password again I was never able to move forward. Today I finally had a sighted friend put the code in for me. I can only assume that there is something wrong in that field that prevents voice over from being on while entering the code. Of course Chase customer service reps had no clue as to what was going on. I also never received a comment from accessibility so I guess it just depends on who you get and luck of the draw. I do now have access to Chase on both desktop computer and iPhone.