Changing the volume of alerts only

iOS and iPadOS
Hello all, I need to turn up the volume of my text tones and other alerts. When I go into settings and turn up the volume there, it only seems to affect the ringer. When I use the volume buttons, it also seems to have no effect, even though the "change with volume buttons" setting is on. What am I missing? Thanks! KD



Submitted by frank perry on Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hi. What you are missing is the change with volume buttons actually have to be off and not on. If the buttons are on and then you turn up or down the volume using the volume buttons on the side of your IOS device or where ever they are located, you will turn up or down the volume of everything if the change with buttons are in the on position, meaning ring tones, sounds, text alerts, and any media turns up and down. With the change with button turned off, you can maintain the volume of sounds, text alerts and ring tones at the same volume whilst independently controlling the volume of music audio books movies, television shows etc. I hope that makes some sense. Feel free to contact me at.

Hello, The volume of iOS alert sounds seems to be effected by the volume of voice over, meaning that the volume of VO and alert sounds is the same. I have my volume for alert sounds set to 100%, and the option to change the sound volume with the buttons is disabled. Does anyone know how to make the VO volume independent of the iOS alert sound volume? Thanks!