Castro and VO.

iOS & iPadOS

Hello all! I have a question about the pod catcher Castro. I have several pod cast abs, about 15 or 16, (you can never have too many podcast abs LOL, plus in my opinion they all have their merits. Plus some podcast apps have others that some podcast apps you don’t have. ) and I would like to try Castro. I’ve tried to get things going with voiceover, and it doesn’t seem to be working. Specifically, I’m having problems with the discovery tab. When I go to that tab I see a thing that says explore categories and then it gives all the categories. But then I flip down on that screen when it is full of unlevel buttons. It literally sounds like when I’m looking at the top of the screen, if somebody were to be seeing select categories, and then took a big deep breath, and then said all the categories really fast in one breath as they were letting it out. Everything else seems to work with voiceover. But I just can’t get that tab full of unlabeled buttons to really work. Can you give me any help Please? I would really appreciate it! Thank you in advance!