can't reply to liked comments on FB

iOS & iPadOS


Is anyone else experiencing this bug on the latest FB v 16 on iOS 8.1?

1. Open Facebook app.
2. Find a comment you like but don't click like yet!
3. Double-tap on Reply to reply to the comment, it should take you into the replies screen.
4. Back out of the Replies screen, then find the comment again then double-tap the Like button.
5. Try double-tapping Reply to reply to the comment you just liked.

Result: I get the pop sound but aren't taken to Replies screen to make my reply.

Expected result: Replying to comments should work whether you click like or not.



Submitted by Seanoevil on Friday, October 24, 2014


I have an iPhone 5 and have had similar problems with the last many iterations of the Facebook App. The problem< as I find it, is not restricted to posts that I have previously liked but also to posts where the Creator of the post has subsequently posted a reply in the thread

The work around for this is to:
1. Navigate to the troublesome post with VO.
2. Identify it's on screen location.
3. Disable Voiceover with a Tripple Click Home.
4. Tap the screen once where you located the post.
5. Re-activate VoiceOver with the Tripple Click Home.
You should now be in the post.

Sea No Evil.