Can't Reorder "Language" on the Rotor

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Hi everyone,

I've had some problems with my iphone 5s lately, and thus decided to reset it completely last weekend and begin again from scratch. I installed the latest iOS10 and adjusted all settings to my liking...

...That is, until I came to the VO router. Before, I've always had Language set just between Actions (when that pops up) and Characters, so that is the first and most easily accessible setting to change since I'm frequently using and switching between three different languages. But since the reset it doesn't work. I can't reorder "Language"; It's dimmed and doesn't respond at all if I try to put it somewhere else.

Does anybody know what causes this problem and how I can solve it? I'd really like to not have to go through half of the router items to access the languages. And I think it's strange that it doesn't work when I can reorder all of the other items as much as I like, but not that one.

Tons of thanks in advance,




Submitted by Paul Martin on Tuesday, October 4, 2016

I can confirm this nasty, and have already drafted feedback about it. Not all hope is lost for setting the rotor right, but the workaround is a bit of a pain. Remember that language can't be move, but all other items can. Simply move everything you find to be incorrectly placed above or below it in the settings screen.

Submitted by Shass on Tuesday, October 4, 2016

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Good point there! Thanks. I was hoping for an easier solution, but you are of course right - I can move the rest around.
Let's hope they'll solve this problem with the next iOS10 update.