Cannot share KNFB reader with Family Sharing?

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Hi all. After reading about the ability to share purchased apps with iOS 8, I purchased KNFB Reader and installed it on my iPhone, assuming if it worked well I could share it with my wife on her iPad via Family Sharing, as she would actually end up using it far more than me.
The app is fantastic, hands down the best OCR I've used.
However, I am not seeing it in the list of sharable apps.
Does anyone know if KR is excluded from Family Sharing, and if so, how we are to determine that before purchasing an app, especially one at this price point.
Or perhaps there something else I need to do in order to be able to share it? I'm not that familiar with the sharing yet, but I am seeing a large list of purchased apps when looking at the Family Shared apps, just not KR.
Thanks for any info.



Submitted by Tim Noonan on Thursday, January 22, 2015

KNFB Reader does support family sharing and I've successfully shared it with my partner.

You do need to set up family sharing members first.

When you open the details for an app in the app store, towards the end is a status regarding family sharing. Most apps seem to support it.

Note, so far as I am aware, in-app purchases can not be shared with other family members, but this doesn't apply to the KNFB Reader.

Hope this helps


Submitted by Blind Adrenaline on Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thanks for the info Tim. I have set up the family sharing properly, and from my wife's iPad, I can see the apps that I have purchased on my iPhone, allowing me to install them on her iPad, so I assume I am in the right place.
However, I have gone through the list 3 seperate times and I am not seeing the KNFB reader in that list anywhere.
When yu did it, did it show KNFB in the list of apps under the other family member name?

Submitted by Dave on Thursday, January 22, 2015

I searched my purchases under Family Sharing on my wife's iPad, and could not find knfbReader either, then I realized it's an iPhone app, so I changed to iPhone Apps. I still could not find it by scrolling through the list. Finally, I used the search field on the left that says "Search Purchased Apps" (not the one on upper right of the page), and knfbReader appeared with the price of FREE.

Submitted by Blind Adrenaline on Friday, January 23, 2015

Ok, after going back and clicking on iPhone apps, it showed up. I must not be understanding these items, because I thought if I had all selected, it would show either way.
Anyhow, it worked great. Thanks much for the info, merry Super Bowl all.