Can someone suggest how I can move between results in app store search?

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Dear All, For some time I have been frustrated about moving between results in the app store search function because it doesn't appear to work for me. When I search for an app in the store, I don't always get the exact app that I am searching for, although I put the exact name in the search box. For example, I might search for the paid version of an app and I get the free version as number 1. I know that there is a list of alternative search results but when I follow the voice over command to slide my finger up or down, nothing happens, the first search result remains and I have to get my son to make the changes with voice over off. Can someone suggest a way of me changing to further suggestions i.e. to number 2 and so on? Thank you, Steve.



Submitted by Esther on Friday, January 18, 2013

Hi Steve, On an iPhone under iOS 6 you can navigate between alternate search results with VoiceOver by using the item picker at the bottom of the screen. After you have run your search, place your finger on the home button at the bottom of the screen, and slide it up past the "Genius" tab to this item picker. You'll hear VoiceOver announce the name of the first result, followed by information on the number of matched search results like "1 of 7, adjustable, swipe up or down with one finger to adjust the value". At this point if you start flicking up while while on this item picker you can quickly move through the search results in succession. You can also flick down to move back to previous search results. Once you reach a result you want to check out in more detail, you can flick left to hear the summary details liike the number of stars and ratings, app category, price, developer, and full name, or you can double tap at any time in the summary details screen to get the "Info" page with detailed information on the app, such as a detailed description or reviews. By default the "Details" tab will be selected, and if you set your rotor to headings you can quickly move to read all the information on the app (e.g., by doing a flick down to "Description", and then doing a two-finger flick down to read all from that point, or by continuing to flick down to a specific heading, such as "What's New" or "Information" to check device or operating system requirements, or when the last version was updated). To read reviews, navigate back to the heading level 1 for the app name and flick right to the "Reviews" tab and double tap. From any of these screens you can return to your search results by double tapping the "Search, back button" in the top left corner of the screen, which is also the first element on the screen if you want to use a four-finger tap in the top half of the screen to navigate there. Once back on the search results screen, move your finger vertically up from the home button again to the item picker and then flick up or down to move to another search result. I'll just edit this post to add the perhaps obvious comment that while touching the bottom of the screen with your finger to find the item picker may be the fastest way to navigate with the touch screen through alternate choices, there are alternate ways to navigate with an attached Bluetooth device. For example, you could use Control+Down Arrow to move to the end of the screen, then Left Arrow to move to the item picker and press your up arrow to move through the selections. If you want to go directly to the detailed screen of your selection, left arrow once from the item picker then simultaneously press the up and down arrow keys to select that screen. Use your arrow keys (e.g. simultaneously press up and left or right arrow keys) to set your rotor to headings, then down arrow to the description heading and use VO+a to read down continuously from that point, etc. Return to the search results screen by using Control+Up Arrow to navigate to the "Search, back button" and press it with the up+down arrow keys. Then Control+Down Arrow to the last element of the search results screen and left arrow back to the picker item. you can fill in more details with apprpriate equivalent keyboard shortcuts. I'm assuming that you are in QuickNav mode. HTH. Esther

Dear Esther, Thank you for this. However, I was following the same procedure as you suggest by finding the position where number 1 app is displayed with the app name. However, whatever I try: double tapping, hold and slide up or down, flicking or whatever, the list doesn't change. I am left with number 1. This is what I mean when I say it won't work. Is there anything else I have to do in settings or with the rotor first to make it work. It really is frustrating when you have to ask a sighted person for help, independent living is the game for me. Kind regards, Steve.

Hi Steve, Can you check whether changing your rotor to "Adjust Value" when you are on the item picker at the bottom of the screen allows you to navigate through the alternative selections with a flick up (or with the equivalent up arrow command on a paired Bluetooth keyboard if you are in QuickNav mode?) In most cases when I navigate to the item picker near the bottom of the screen, I can even just flick right to this item picker (or flick left from any of the tabs at the bottom of the screen) and then simply flick up to move to the next search result, provided my rotor is not set to a conflicting navigation setting, such as "Vertical Navigation", where flicks up or down should move focus to previous and next elements positioned vertically above or below on the screen. I also obviously can't have set my rotor to character or word after I land on the item picker, or my flicks up and down will simply announce characters or words. In every instance where I can't already navigate through the next alternate results by flicking up when I'm on the item picker, setting my rotor to "Adjust Value" will let me do this. Try this, and report back if it doesn't work for you, or if you don't find an "Adjust Value" setting in your rotor. I'm using an iPhone 5 and the latest version of iOS 6 (6.0.2). I've tried navigating the item picker both with the touch screen and with a paired Apple Wireless keyboard. This is a new phone for me -- just upgraded in December -- so iOS 6 was loaded on here from the start, and was not an update from iOS 5. I don't know if that makes a difference. Also, if you still have difficulties, you might try this without having other keyboards paired, such as a Braille device or Bluetooth keyboard. (Switching Bluetooth off should do this.) If you still can't navigate to the other App Store search resukt screens by flicking up with your rotor explicitly set to "Adjust Value", and it isn't interference with another paired keyboard device, then I would think about using the "Reset" menu option under Settings > General. I've done this once under iOS 5 using the "Reset All Settings" button. This is NOT the "Erase All Content and Settings" button option, since you should not lose any content on your device. However, it is annoying to have to re-enter network passwords and redo screen layout, etc. so I would first try other troubleshooting methods, first. And by the way, these instructions are specific for the iPhone and, I guess, the iPod Touch. On an iPad or iPad Mini I would just sett my rotor to "Headings" and flick down to move through the different search results. HTH. Cheers, Esther

Submitted by Isaac Hebert (not verified) on Sunday, January 27, 2013

When you get to you're search results swipe you're finger to the right then double tap on the result you want.