Can I edit, update, and search a file?

iOS and iPadOS
Hi, From my research I've found apps that allow you to create a note but not edit it. Apps that allow you to edit and search a file then you have to save it to a drop box or website. And all the apps seem completely unable to see files managed by any other program. Is there such a concept as "my documents" in IOS5 where all apps see the same file set? I have a little file that I've been adding to for years with all my essential data in it. I'd like to be able to continue to add to it and search through it for info on a daily basis. Is this too much to expect from my IPhone? LOL



Submitted by Tyler2006 on Friday, November 25, 2011

I am sorry, I don't know of any specific way to do what you want, my only suggestion would be to try the pages app from apple.

With dropbox, you can open a file. In the lower right corner is a button labeled "export", which pops up a list of all apps on the iPhone that support the file being opened. This may be your best bet.

Submitted by Esther on Sunday, November 27, 2011

HI, The only app I know of that supports all the functions you specify, including accessibly searching and finding text within individual notes stored in the app, is Simplenote. It's a free app that lets you create, edit, and search plain text notes. With the app you get access to a secure web account that stores your notes in the cloud. If you have multiple iOS devices and install the app onto these, with your associated account login, then any notes created or revised within the app on one device will autoupdate in the app on these other devices within a few seconds, if they are connected to the internet. You can also log into your Simplenote account from any web browser to access your notes, or use any of a number of Simplenote desktop clients. (I use the free Notational Velocity application for this on the Mac, which has great accessibility; there are other desktop client programs for Windows.) Your notes are stored by default in the order they were last accessed, but you can also "pin" frequently used notes to the top of the list with the "pin to top" switch, which I'd recommend for the note containing your essential data. When you type in search terms, you'll get a list of notes in the app that match your search, but if you select one of these notes you can further search for matches to the search terms within that note. What's unique about the way Simplenote searches within your note, that makes the process accessible to VoiceOver, is that your note text will be shifted on the screen so that the first line that matches a search term gets moved to the top of the visible screen. This means that if you touch the top of the screen just below the heading, you'll move your focus to the first line that matches your search term. When you double tap the buttons for the "next" match to your search term, you'll again find the line with the next match shifted to the top of the screen, just below the heading. Most apps that implement "find" operations seem to identify the search term matches by highlighting the terms in the file, which doesn't work at all for VoiceOver users. With the notes you create in Simplenote you also get information on word and character count when you create them, but you don't get many options to choose different fonts, sizes, and styles -- the emphasis is on information content rather than formatting. I can create, copy and paste notes into Simplenote from the desktop client, and also have them sync to my iOS devices. Usually, I create and update notes directly from my iPhone. All these functions work for the basic free version, which is ad-supported, but with un-obtrusive ads. I have a premium subscription to Simplenote, which lets me set up Dropbox syncing, turn notes into lists or instantly publish them as web pages, maintain backup access to note versions for longer periods, and use other features, but you can do everything you've specified with the free version of the app. I don't know of any way of applying any of these actions to files in other apps, though, so if the requirement is that you have this search feature applied to a program that say, must support MicroSoft Office documents uploaded to your iPhone, then I think you're out of luck. HTH. Esther