Can I downgrade if I don’t like an iOS update?

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Hi, If I update my iphone 5 to the latest ios virtion and I'm not happy with it, is there a way that I can go back to my current virtion?
Just scaired that the phone becomes very slow and sluggish.




Submitted by Justin on Monday, January 23, 2017

If you update, you cannot downgrade unless apple hasn't signed off on it yet, which I think they have. Really, once you update, you cannot downgrade. Also, what version of iOS are you running? It might not work well on your 5. That's 5 year old hardware, I would recommend getting a newer device to run 10.2/later.

Submitted by Justin on Monday, January 23, 2017

I wouldn't even think of updating to iOS 10 on an iPhone 5. It's very Obsolete, and it might have issues running. The latest version I'd recommend running is the latest version of iOS 9. With older devices, you really don't know what the latest version will do to your device. It could have a drastic dip in performance.

Submitted by david s on Monday, January 23, 2017


To say the iPhone 5 is obsolete is very misleading. IOS 10.2 works fine on an iPhone 5. While it will not run as fast as it would on an iPhone 7, it is still usable. My son has an iPhone 5 that uses IOS 10.2 and it runs fine. I think you will find plenty of users still using iPhone 5 series running on IOS 10.2. Why not start a new thread asking folks with iPhone 5 how IOS 10.2 works for them.

IF you’re still in doubt, ask yourself if you really need to update the IOS. If everything works fine now, stick with what you have. If there is a feature or an app that you want/need on the IOS 10, then go for it.

HTH and good luck.