Can Anyone Recommend a Free Music Maker App?

iOS & iPadOS

Hello! The subject says it all. Can anyone recommend a free music maker app? I wouldn't like to use a midi keyboard or something like that, because i don't have one, so it doesn't have to be compatible with midi keyboards.
I really want to begin creating music. I tryed to use Garage Band, but i had a lot of problems with it, i didn't find it accessible at all. I have the programme called Figure, i enjoy it, but it only creates loops and i can't make longer music. But if i can do it with that app, then feel free to tell it, i would be glad to hear that!
I tryed Music maker jam also, and it wasn't accessible also!
So... Does anyone have any idea for me?
Greetings from Hungary.



Submitted by Ken Downey on Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Thumbjam, Noatikl, TNRE, and a bunch more that can be found in the music category of the apps directory here at Applevis.

I said i would like to hear about free aps. I'm still young, i don't have card to pay for these paid programmes.