Can anybody recommend and accessible VPN that also works as an ad blocker?

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Can everyone please recommend an accessible VPN which function as VPN and Add Blocker together?
Early I use opera VPN which can be an AddBlocker and can change my IP address to be more secure, but later it is not functioning fine. can anyone please recommend a same function which can block adds and change IP for private browsing!!! thanks

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Submitted by Cadie! on Friday, March 17, 2017

Well the best thing is to use both differently because you use vpn for privacy and the free one's are actually not too secure. All the good ones do not provide what you are willing to get. I personally use purevpn ( because it is based in hong kong and it has one of the best working app for ios. the Adblocker that i use is 1Blocker ( because it does the job better than anyone else for me!
Whatever choice you go for, I would recommend that you use adblocker seperately!