Can anybody explain these oddities in playback behavior?

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I have an iPhone 5s that I use with a Bleuttoth receiver that transmits the sound to audioprothesis. I am slightly deaf but I hear perfectly well with the audioprothesis.

I have a bug that I have submitted to Apple and I would like to see if others have encountered it. Maybe somebody even have a solution...

I often use the iPhone to listen to Podcasts or audio books or other streaming content over the internet. All these contents are read by apps that a Music-like interface: Fast Rewind or Forward Play/Pause etc. After I begin listening these apps, I would sometimes stop it with the Double-fingers/Double-tap gesture. I will use other apps, like Mail or Facebook. Then I will interrupt the Bluettoth connection between the audioprothesis and the iPhone by pressing a «PausePlay/» button on the Bleuttoth transmitter. After a time, I press again on the «Play/Pause» of the Bluetooth transmitter. Often, but not always, the app that swas reading the music or the podcast or the streaming content will start again. The same will happen even if I desactivate that app with the App selector (three fingers up swipe).

Even worse, it seems that the app that is reading the music-like content interferes with the others apps. When this happens, often, I slows or blocks other apps. I have to press the central button as if I wanted to activate Siri. Whwn it doesn't work, I deactivate VoiceOver or I restart the iPhone. It is very irritating. I don not think that it is related to my Bluetooth transmitter. I do not recall having this bug before IOS 9.2.

Anybody has encountered it? Do you have found the source and a solution? If yes, I would be very interested to hear from you.

The Bleuttoth transmiter is a Streamer Pro 1.2 from Oticon.

I am a french canadian, so my English may be somewhat imperfect. I hope that it is understandable.



Submitted by dvdmth on Saturday, January 16, 2016

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Bluetooth controls only work in apps that are properly integrated into the iOS control center. If an app does not work properly with the control center, then Bluetooth controls will end up controlling an app you previously used instead of the one you are currently using. The same goes for the two-finger double-tap gesture.

It sounds like the problem you are having is that you are getting audio from the wrong app when trying to resume playback of something. I've had that very experience with earlier versions of BARD Mobile and Downcast. In both cases, the audiobook or podcast being played did not show up properly in the iOS control center, which in turn caused any attempt to control the app from Bluetooth to fail. Both apps were later updated to fix the issues.

The problem can also occur with media that is played from certain websites. I do not know if this is a problem with the sites themselves, with Safari, or with something else. I have often found playback from the web to be tricky, even inaccessible in some cases.

If an app you are using is having problems with Bluetooth controls, you must instead use the controls within the app itself to control playback, which is significantly less convenient as a VoiceOver user. I've been there, so I know how it's like. I'm glad I currently don't have anything that causes the issue.