Calendar doesn't notify

iOS & iPadOS

Recently, i had to erase and restore my Hotmail account from my PC and my iPhone. Since that time, the calendar does not send notification. Instead, it send a mail as a reminder. I looked in the Calendar and Notification settings. All the settings seem as they were befor the erase/restore operation. When i restored the account, i asked to create as an account. Could it be the problem. I posted, a few minutes ago, another bug that I encounter with my mail account. Both problems could be related. Can somebody has a suggestion?



Submitted by Dawn 👩🏻‍🦯 on Sunday, October 23, 2016

I'd look at the widgets on the iphone & double-check to see if the calendar is one of the ones that show up.

If nonthing else, I'm not sure how/why this could be the problem but it's worth checking out. Was the account originally created as a Hotmail account? If so, then that may be the issue. If you created it as a Hotmail account before, & everything was a-okay, then I'd try putting it back as a Hotmail. I'd also double-check settings on iphone & PC. because maybe a button was pushed or a box checked accidentally. I'm not saying you did anything wrong, but you just never know. Good luck.