Bulk moving apps to the app library in iOS 14

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Has anyone managed to figure out how to move multiple apps at the same time to the app library in iOS 14 with VoiceOver?
The articles I can find say that one is supposed to hold a finger on an empty area of the home screen and tap a small minus symbol by each app to add it to the selection, but as those are not visible to VoiceOver, this fails.
It is possible to remove an app one at a time from the home screen to the app library by invoking the delete action in edit mode, but this is a tedious process to do in bulk.




Submitted by Malthe on Sunday, September 20, 2020

Excellent, thanks!
I was under the impression that you could bulk select apps, just like when you press the "edit" button in an app, and move them all to the app library with one action. It seems that you can't, but a workaround is to make a folder with all the apps you want to move and afterwards moving that folder to the app library.