bug: unable sometimes to drag widgets. already reported to apple in July 2020.

iOS and iPadOS

Note: this has already been reported as FB8339154

  1. Launch voiceover by going to settings, accessibility
  2. Tap the voiceover icon.
  3. Go to yoru home screen.
  4. Swipe up to edit.
  5. Tap add widget in the upper left corner.
  6. Add a widget. 7, repeat to add another one.
  7. Swipe up to edit again. Now select the widget.
  8. Swipe up to drag widget and double tap.
  9. Try and drag the widget.

Notice at this point sometimes you hear the screen change sound and the widget show page is brought up. You cannot switch to the page where you had yoru widgets and apps. I hope this can be fixed soon ish.