Bug still in iOS: problem locking screen when volume is higher than 60%

iOS and iPadOS


I want to inform you about a very frustrating bug that is introduced in iOS 13.0 and is still in the operating system (iOS 13.4.1):

- Voice-over is turned on.
- I connect a set of apple earpods to the iPhone.
- I start playing music (It don't matter what app I use)
- I turn the volume higher than 60%.
- I lock the screen.
- It keeps trying to unlock.

This problem only happens when I use normal Apple earpods wiht a lightning connector.
I mean the problem is not there when I use:
- A bluetooth headset.
- A set of earbuds from another company with a lightning connector.
- A set of earbuds with a 3,5mm connector in combination with a 3,5MM to lighting adapter.

I hope this problem will be fixed very soon!
Does someone else also have this problem? And is it also known by Apple?