bug in IOS9 re syncing between Notes app and Oullook 2013 and messaging app

iOS and iPadOS

Has anyone else noticed these issues in IOS9?

When syncing notes between Outlook 2013 to the notes app in IOS, it seems to be having some issues in IOS9.
Sometimes notes don't get synced or if I edit a note in outlook and sync it back to the notes app, it includes the original text which it should have deleted.
I had a lot of problems with this when I upgraded to IOS9 and I had to delete all the old notes from the notes app to allow it to sync.

When sharing a note from the notes app to the messaging app using the share button, if I tap on the message edit field and swipe right twice, I end up in the keyboard rather than stopping at the send button. If I tap in the message history and swipe right, it stops at the latest message and won't let me swipe any further.

I've just noticed Voiceover has stopped reading the edit field in the messaging app when replying to a message.