brighthouse cable tv app

iOS & iPadOS

Hi folks,
I just got brighthouse cable internet,
and I downloaded the brighthouse cable network tv app.for example search for cnn or tnt or the sifi chanel etc.
I couldn't find any search box or anything.
Any help would be helpful.
I explained to her I'm totally blind using a screen reader but she couldn't explaine the app.
I had a sighted friend explain to me that brighthouse uses the same app as Timewarner Cable more than likely.
Because I wanted to know how can I
I installed it and when I signed in to it,
I found that I could go left and right and it would say from 3pm to 330pm and say a program name and the next program coming up after that.
I kept swiping to the right and it would say other program names I guess on other channels.
After about five swipes to the right it would bring me to the tabs wich said live tv, tv guide, dv r, and settings I think.
I think I'm missing one.
If I touched on another part of tnhe screen it would let me keep swiping right and left and showed me more shows.
When I double taped on a show it would swich to that chanel.
I spoke to brighthouse and the told me there was a search bar in the live tv tab.
Also I tried going to the tv guide tab and nothing would come up because we don't have a cable box because our complex provides free basic cable.
I don't know if the agent understood that I'm using voiceover on my iPhone 6s.



Submitted by Betsy on Friday, November 20, 2015

I installed the app on an iPad running ios 9.2 beta. Live TV is selected. There is a list of programs on the left and tapping selects them. I tried going to Guide thinking search might be there but we have basic service too so no guide for me. But I have looked all over for a search icon while in Live TV and can not find one. There is a Filter icon but no search option there either.