BossJock Studio can't find free sounds offered in BossJock Jr

iOS and iPadOS

A friend recently purchased BossJock Studio, while I have BossJock Jr and have recorded several app demos using it. My friend really likes some of the free sounds I downloaded via the BossJock Jr app, but nor he or I are able to find the equivalent of the Store tab within BossJock Studio, so that he can download some of the sounds too! Any ideas you guys might have?



Submitted by Joseph on Thursday, April 13, 2017

bossjock studio doesn't have a store tab or any additional content. yOu'd have to load your own sounds in, either from dropbox, recordings in the recordings list or the music library on your device. Think of BJS (bossjock studio) as the pro version of this product. It's all up to you as the user to import sounds on to your device. the pro version doesn't handle things like that except for using them as carts.