bonus facts enquiry in the true or false game

iOS and iPadOS

HI all
I need some clarity regarding the true or false game by kid friendly software if that is the correct name of the developer. Its that quiz game where you answer either true or false. the game where you get a number of passes and lives. I like the notifications that it gives of a new bonus fact but that bonus fact is not always available when I play. I haven't really picked this up after updating the true or false game a week or so ago. I would just like to know if this was a bug and if this was fixed? I haven't asked the developer yet. I just thought of asking you guys on applevis first. sometimes voice over reads on the push notification: 3 hours ago and then it reads the bonus fact question. That's a feature of the IPhone5s where it will, with any kind of notification, like sms messages, tell me a second time of the specific notification. But what I need to know is why I didn't always get the bonus fact the push notification read out to me? What i mean with this is the following: I go to the icon on my home screen for the true or false app. ON that icon on the home screen voice over reads: 1 new item which means there is a bonus fact. but sometimes when I double tap on the icon for true or false, there is no bonus fact. When the bonus fact sometimes comes up, I'm in the screen where I can answer the bonus fact question. But there was times while the icon on the home screen reads: true or false 1 new item. then when I open the true or false app, I'm in the main menu where I can change settings and start a single or multiplayer game; in other words I'm not always taken to the bonus fact screen. Has this bug been fixed in the last update?
many thanks for any feedback you could give.