Bluetooth remote and bluetooth external GPS reciever recommendations

iOS & iPadOS


I am using an Iphone 6. I am currently using a Bluetooth earpiece and I'm also looking for a Bluetooth remote and a Bluetooth GPS receiver to use primarily with Blind Square when I'm out and about.

I would like a Bluetooth remote to be able to use blind square though it would be handy if it had arrow keys and a home button to allow me to navigate around my phone when out and about without having to pull my phone out of my pocket.

When it comes to the external Bluetooth GPS receiver, I would like to save some battery but also hopefully get a more accurate and reliable signal. The one I'm liking the sound of is called Garmin GLO. Usually when using the in-built GPS, I mainly get an accuracy of 10m though it can sometimes go down to 5m but I've read that this receiver is supposed to give an accuracy of 2.5m. It is also supposed to send GPS co-ordinates to the Iphone 10 times a second though I don't know how often the built in GPS does so.

Any advice would be appreciated.