Blocking on Clubhouse?

iOS and iPadOS

Short and sweet: Is there a way to block an asshole on Clubhouse? I don't wanna report them, but I definitely want them to never be able to contact me, and vice versa.



Submitted by Erick on Wednesday, April 21, 2021

You just find the profile, and then their should be a block button somewhere, not sure exactly. Had to block someone as well and did it, so you should be able to do that. If that doesn't work, let me know.

Submitted by Christopher on Wednesday, April 21, 2021

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Thank you. That worked perfectly. Have a wonderful rest of your night. God bless.

Submitted by Christopher on Wednesday, April 21, 2021

This person is also a member of Applevis. Though they haven't done anything to me personally up here in this community, I don't want to chance things, and frankly, I just feel really uncomfortable generally speaking with seeing their posts anywhere, and really don't feel comfortable either with them responding to me publicly or privately on any terms at this point. Is there any way I can filter things to not see any of their content up here on Applevis? Further, can I block them up here as well? If I don't have that ability myself, is there something on the back end that the admins can put in place on my account so I won't see any of their sutff, ever? Again, they've not done anything to me yet up here personally. It's more, I'm just not willing to take any chances.