blindsquare orientation feature is sometimes incorrect

iOS and iPadOS

Hello everyone, I try to use blindsquare and often blindsquare announces that a particular shop is on 3 ocklock although I know with 100 percent certainty that it is on 9 o'clock. While it does not matter in the area which I am familiar with it is an inconvenience when I am travelling around an area that I don't know. I have iphone 6 plus nad ios 9.2 and I carry my iphone in a pouch on my belly, where the pouch hangs down from my neck and the iphone can move inside in my pouch, however, I was told that this should not be an issue. I have also orientation locked on my iphone. Do you have solution to my problem? Many thanks. Zdenek



Submitted by ilkkapirttimaa on Sunday, December 27, 2015

Hello! This shouldn't happen, when you are moving, since compass is used only when you are standing still.

When compass is used, BlindSquare has automated orientation sensing, so compass works ok, if device is front of you in any position. For example, iPhone 6 is easier to carry in front pocket upside down, so that headphone cable comes up.

This orientation sensing works only when app is running foreground and screen is not locked. When you lock the screen, BlindSquare keeps using current orientation (this is iOS behaviour, orientation can't be detected when app is running background).

That's leads to instruction:
1) Place device always front of you (pocket, carrying bag)
2) Place device always screen facing to you (Apple logo on back is facing forward)
3) If you carry device landscape or upside down, turn device to that position BEFORE you lock the screen

This way compass is always giving correct readings, even when you stop.

PS. This information is not documented earlier. I'm currently working on better solution, where compass calibration will be fully automatic and will allow also using side pocket.

Hello developer: thank you for your quick response, I should add that this the behavior that I described does not happen all the time, but sometimes when passing by certain stores, that it is normal again. I should add that in addition to my pouch I carry my iphone in the case for iphone, however, I will try your suggestion to face the screen towards me. Can I use some program to record my walking experience and send it to you by mail, if it would help you to analyse the situation? Zdenek