Blind Square = Update GPS location of existing POI in My Places

iOS and iPadOS


How do I update the GPS location of an existing POI that is already saved in My Places in Blind Square? I want to add different places from the catogries in blind square to get a general idea when I'm near them and then insert the exact GPS location when I visit them in person for example I want to save the location of different bars and then when I visit them, I can insert the GPS location of where the main entrance is.

when I am viewing the details for a specific location / POI and I tap the edit button, there is a reset button at the bottom of that page. Is that what I'm looking for? Does that save your current GPS location into the POI you have on screen?




Submitted by MarkSARCH on Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Yes Neo
when you have already saved some Place
once tap the edit button
there many choices that you can change
name of the place
alerts distance when approaching this place
it means set distance 50, 100, 200 meters, feet or yards
beware when hit the reset location can change the GPS accuracy
let say per example some address
1000 E A Blvd
corresponding at
however you want to set the marker at the main entrance or door
hitting reset location the new point
will be set as the main entrance
with some GPS accurancy of 5 meters
NOTE before to hit the save button make sure the GPS accuracy be set of 5 meters or less.