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Hi all, I bought Blind Square when it first came out last year and think it's a brilliant navigation app. I have read the long list of questions/ comments in the app directory for it and just want to ask a particular question about future updates on the subject of turn-by turn navigation. I really have a dilema because on the directory discussion there is some talk about a future upgrade that will include turn-by-turn navigation; so what should I do? Should I wait for this to be included in what I believe is version 2.0 or do I buy Navigon British Isles now? I don't really want to waste £24.99 (33 dollars or so) if sometime this year a Blind Square update includes a similar turn-by-turn navigation tool. Can someone also explain if the United Kingdom version of Navigon is any good, if it works correctly with turn-by-turn navigation or should I just wait and see if something is done with Blind Square? Thanks, Steve.



Submitted by ilkkapirttimaa on Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hello! I'm developer of BlindSquare and I'm glad you like it. You can find some answers in FAQ: There is a long-term plan to implement turn-by-turn inside the app, but there is no timetable for that available. There are some alternatives how to do it and it needs some more studies what would be the best option for BlindSquare. BlindSquare supports Navigon too and many users has told how well it works together with BlindSquare running background. You can also try out free alternative: Apple Maps supports turm-by-turn if you have iOS 6 and iPhone 4S, iPad 2 or later.

Submitted by steven carey on Thursday, March 14, 2013

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Hi Blind Square developer, Thank you for your comments and for confirming that you are looking at a long-term plan for introducing turn-by-turn instructions into Blind Square. I am aware of the Navigon link to Blind Square for turn-by-turn instructions but was not aware that you could use Apple Maps. My understanding was that Apple Maps did not work with voice over for walking turn-by-turn instructions, only the driving version? If you can use Apple Maps in conjunction with Blind Square, I would appreciate a list of instructions about how you do it? Thank you also for the link to FAQ's I'll have a look at these later but I think a lot of us that use applevis really like what you are doing with Blind Square and look forward to the day when you can upgrade the app to a version that includes the ability to use turn-by-turn walking instructions. Indeed, I would even pay for an in app upgrade for something like that and that might even motivate you to do the job a little quicker (I do understand the difficult and costly programming required for such a change). Kind regards, Steve.