Best Siri Alternative for iPhone 4?

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Hi guys, I have a friend using an iPhone 4, and he is looking for a good, accessible Siri alternative. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Michael



Submitted by DPinWI on Monday, October 15, 2012

I haven't found a single app that satisfies my Siri envy. For me, a combination approach works best. For playing selected music, I use the built in Voice Control For email, texting, and Facebook updates, I use Vokul. For setting appointments and reminders, I use Voice Assistant,. For answers to questions, I use Voice Answer . I also like Evi for some or all of these chores. It does most things okay, but I find the above apps do a better job of select tasks.

Submitted by pammyj55kc on Monday, October 15, 2012

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I have used voice actions while running my iphone 4. It handled research queries & performed serie like tasks as well as serie. It would send a text or email, do a google search, launch music etc. It is a paid app in the app store, however is worth the money if one does not have serie. I have upgraded my phone to a 4s, with serie therefore not needing it anymore. Check it out.

Submitted by DPinWI on Monday, October 15, 2012

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Being a sucker for this stuff, I just got Voice Actions. It appears that it does not work with VO turned on. Is this the case, or am I doing something wrong. Once it loads, I get a screen with no obvious elements.

Submitted by Cory K on Monday, October 15, 2012

This app worked when I first got it some time back in Febuary, but shortly after this, they broke it. Sorry for the bad news.

Submitted by AnonyMouse on Monday, October 15, 2012

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Must agree that you can't replace and use just one app to duplicate in what Siri can do.

So here are my top3 must have for Siri replacements: 
VoiceTexter - Stop typing. Say it!
Assistant - Voice Controlled Time Management

With those three you can come really close in what Siri does. Now of course there are a few things that Siri still can do that we just can't do.

If you really want I would also check out Vokul as well. However, I find myself using VoiceTexter way more for the same task.

If you are interested I have some podcast in what I've mentioned above:

VoiceTexter: the iOS App that Replaces Typing With Speaking

Assistant: Enables Those Without Siri to use Their Voice to Create and Manage Calendar Events

Questions and Answers With Evi

Vokul Revisited: Bigger and Better than Before

Hope that helps you out!


Submitted by Michael Hansen on Tuesday, October 16, 2012

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Hi guys, Thank you for your recommendations! I will pass these along...very much appreciated!