Best App For Listning To Podcasts

iOS and iPadOS

What would you recommend as the best app for downloading and listening to podcasts on my iPhone? When I say "the best app", I mean:

1. It can play the widest variety of formats, both video and audio.

2. It has access to the widest selection of content from iTunes as well as other sources, websites, etc.

3. You can set it so that it will automatically delete episodes that I have already played (like the native/Apple Podcasts app.).

4. You can set it to automatically download new episodes (and only new episodes, again, like the native/Apple Podcasts app).

5. You can choose which podcasts will download new episodes and which ones will not, even though you may be subscribed to many podcasts (sort of like you can do with iTunes in combination with the native/Apple Podcasts app).

6. It is easy to use, even for someone who has little to no experience with the more "advanced" side of technology. It is very intuitive. (I am not a "technical" person at all, unlike, it would seem, most blind people.)

7. And, most importantly, iit is reasonably accessible!

The reasons why I am wanting an app other than the Apple Podcasts app is that it seems that the native app is very limited as to what formats it will support. Otherwise, I like the app, though the interface could also be easier to use. So, yeah, I am basically looking for an app that does the same things as the native/Apple Podcasts app but that supports the widest possible variety of formats, both audio and video. That's the most important thing for me out of all the things I mentioned, though the other qualities would be nice as well.

So, what are your recommendations with all this in mind?



Submitted by TJT 2001 on Sunday, March 13, 2016

I would recommend Downcast as it nicely fulfills all of your criteria. It is a bit lacking in your sixth point, though, but I'm sure you'll like it. And if you don't, there is always Overcast, iCatcher and all of the other apps that you can see on this website.