Best app for learning brail?

iOS & iPadOS
Hello applevis members, Just wanted to know what the best application to learn brail from would be. It obviously has to be VO accessible. Thank you. -Andrew-



Submitted by Brother J. on Friday, February 21, 2014

I know it is more easily said than done, but if you or anybody can help it, never use an app to learn braille. There is no comparison between that and a first-rate instructor. You might learn the structure of a six-dot cell but any app can do so much. I know a first-rate instructor whom I have witnessed on a daily basis effectively teach people from all walks of life.

Submitted by Michael on Friday, February 21, 2014

Being the creator of these apps, I really recommend PocketBraille or VisualBraille. With these apps you can see the braille onscreen, here it through voiceover, or read it on a braille display. Each of these apps are being updated as we speak to iOS 7 to give them more features and better user interfaces. While it is a good idea to use actual Braille to learn braille, these apps are the next best way to achieve this process.