Beeping in Facebook: Seems somehow to be linked to screenshots

iOS and iPadOS

Hello everyone. I have a question. I wonder if others here have experienced this and what to do about it.

It appears that after updating to the new iOS 14, there is an odd issue in Facebook. When you swipe, it is beeping. It seems that this is somehow linked to screenshots. I heard a message related to screenshots when I paused for a bit after swiping and hearing this beep. I wonder if this is a but, or is there something I can do to stop this from occurring? It is still an issue with 14.0.1 and the latest version of Facebook app, which I got tonight. I"m using an iPhone 8. Any help with this is appreciated.



Submitted by Larry on Saturday, September 26, 2020

Yeah, I had the same behaviour, I found it really, really annoying! Its not a Facebook specific sound though, but it is harder to pick up on other places. If you go to VO-settings and then find sound and haptic settings you will be able to find it there.

I don’t remember what the setting was called, maybe something about recognising? Anyways, I went through the options that sounded likely. When you click in to each sound and haptic setting there is a button that lets you hear the sound for that option, so just play the sound for the options you go into until you find the right one, then deactivate that sound setting, you are done :)

Hope this quick info helped, I can try and write a better later if you dont find it.

Edit: VO-settings, sounds, sounds and haptic. Under the heading Voiceover Feedback its the Text and photo identified setting. I am not using English on my phone so the name might be slightly different.

Submitted by Lee on Saturday, September 26, 2020

Hi, this is not a bug. This relates to the new VO recognition system introduced in iOS14. Actually, it is useful as it tells you which post has a screenshot relating to it. So if VO doesn't read exactly what is there then as you say you wait until the end you will get more info.