BB8 app accessability

iOS and iPadOS


I just got a BB8 droid and installed the app. Sadly, the app is not accessable.

For those of you that aren’t sure what a BB8 is, it’s an android in the upcoming Star wars movie. The BB8 toy is a mini version of that droid and you control it using your IOS device. There is an explore mode where you control the directions. Patrol mode where it patrols an area. And Voice command where you tell it what to do using your voice.

It has plenty of features and for the daring, you can program it. But, for now, it will sit on my desk until the app becomes accessable. I sent the developer an email and will post back when I hear from them.

HTH someone thinking about the BB8.



Submitted by Santiago on Friday, September 25, 2015

Hopefully the developers of the app get back to you and improve the app's accessibility, since it would be kind of cool to try out the BB-8, although I'm not sure if they could easily implement a way to control the way the droid moves when VoiceOver is on. It's doable, but not sure if the devs would go through the trouble for that.