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I'm looking for people to help review this. I am not the developer of the app, I was just looking for a free and fast scanner to identify products around the house. I read in a post somewhere on the forum here that digit-eyes is good, but slow, requiring you to hold the bar code in focus for several seconds, which is impossible if you don't even know where the code is. In any event I'm not prepared to pay until I know an app works, but as far as I know, trials aren't a common thing in the app store. I admit I'm not good with the camera, so I'm having a hard time with all of them. It's a shame Red Laser disappeared or I wouldn't have needed to embark on this search. Here's what I can say about the app so far. I did manage to get a scan of a jar of peanut butter. It didn't directly identify the product. The main screen showed the code number, then I was able to choose searching or sharing options and I found out what it was via one of the searches. I'd prefer an app that tells me what a product is without having to google it. One plus, however, is that the app can be set to vibrate, beep or both on a successful scan and all the buttons and tabs appear to be well-labeled. Those who are better with it will have to chip in on the speed of the app. It has a five-star rating in the app store. I've found the reviews fishy, often simply rephrasing the same words, but there's a one-star review that claimed to want a rating before it would even scan and I found that not to be the case. In my experience so far, the request for reviews is decently and noninvasively placed under the "more" tab. The following is directly from the app store. Barcode Scanner - QR Code Reader & QR Scanner By MD Mokammal Hossain Description The Best QR Code Reader & Barcode Scanner Free App in the market. QR Code Reader & Barcode Scanner Free can be use as shopping assistant. Feature: - Scan all kinds of QR codes - Scan product barcodes - Save your scans in History - Share codes via SMS, Email, Twitter, and Facebook - Display QR codes and barcodes on screen -Jump directly to WEB ADDRESSES decoded. - Flashlight supported for scanning QR codes or Barcodes at low-light environments. -SHARE your QR CODES through: Email, SOCIAL NETWORKS (Facebook, Twitter, Clipboard, Google Plus), TEXT MESSAGES. QR Code Reader , QR Code Scanner & Barcode Scanner app is developed for fast and accurate to be the fastest QR Reader / Barcode Reader/Barcode Scanner out there. QR Code Reader & Barcode Scanner Free is very essential app for every iOS device who want to know product price and information. Also includes a complete QR Code Generator Create your own QR codes for: Email Addresses, Contacts, SMS Messages, URLs, Phone Numbers, Text Notes, Locations,Calendar Events, and More. .



Submitted by P.A. on Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Actually looking again there's one button whose purpose I don't understand. I'm guessing it changes which camera ou use, but since I'm having a hard time scanning with either one I can't verify that. The button is a toggle labeled either "sun inverse" by default or "sun"