Barcode Reader- Food Items (UK)

iOS & iPadOS


I am supporting a lady who is losing her sight and wants to use her iPhone (8) when she is shopping to scan the bar codes of food cans and food packaging to identify what the item is.

This needs to be UK based.

We have tried Seeing AI which is great for brands but not for "own brand" items, such as those made for Sainsbury's or Tescos.

Has anybody got any suggestions?




Submitted by gregg on Wednesday, October 28, 2020

I am not in the aUK, but this may work.
This QR and barcode scanner was designed with the needs of Visually Impaired People (VIP) in mind. Under the default settings, a radar-like sound rings when opening the application's camera. The scanner is able to detect any QR code or barcode that is present in the camera's field of vision. As soon as a code is detected, the application redirects the user to the corresponding webpage. Using this application, VIPs can easily scan any 2-cm (or larger) code present on printed matter and listen to the contents using VoiceOver technology. The best way to scan codes using this application is from a distance of around 30 centimeters in the case of an A4-sized paper. At this distance, the camera can usually scan anywhere in the page for a code. Our recommendation is to place the printed material on a table with the user sitting in front of it. The user can then raise the phone to their chin, parallel to the table, and scan the codes very easily. Visit for creating your QR codes. Our system allows you to create codes which show their content in the language the scanning device is set to.

Submitted by Brad on Wednesday, October 28, 2020

UK bassed barcode scanning apps don't exist. She'll have to stick to apps like Seeing AI and either use the text mode or the barcode one. There's BeMyEyes where she can get sighted help from volunteers but that might not be the best option in a noisy supermarket.