azumio team rocks! (heart-health)

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hello there i'm a new iPhone user, as well as a new user at applevis i have found a developper that their apps really rules. go to i have purchaced stress check and instant heart rate, and they are... um, nearly accessible. the instant heart rate is verry acurat if you place your fingertip correctly. anyway i have contacted azumio and asked them to visit applevis and put their products at the database since i couldn't spot them, and ask comments from experienced users here, to make their apps more accessible. their new app, sleep-time seem to be awesome! however i haven't got it yet. thanks -regards



Submitted by AppleVis on Thursday, April 19, 2012

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Thanks for the heads-up on these apps.

However, it isn't developers who post apps to our App Directory, it's actual VoiceOver users! The people who matter, and who can give a true and accurate report on accessibility.

So, do please submit the apps yourself to our App Directory by clicking on the Submit Content link that is near the top of the page, and then selecting iOS App Directory as the type of content that you wish to post.

Or, just click here to go direct to the submission form (you will need to be logged in).

hello that's cool to hear. i thought those are all developpers who submit to the database. i should explore the apps and work with it before giving out the report though, since i'm a new user of iPhone device, my report could be inacurat too. but i will give it a shot. for now, the instant heart rate which i'm still excited about it, which actually gives out my actuall pulse, is mostly accessible. there's just only 1 button that isn't labled. stress check, however, is still loading its updates on my device and is not finished yet. the update window looks inaccessible though.