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Hello everyone. In my testing of the light versions or free versions of these apps. I find the adubon apps except one nature tap are accessible. Nature tap may be accessible I didn't play with it long. Audubon apps are made by green mountain digital In my findins I found audubon apps have much better labeled sounds that ibird does. And their organization in my opinion is much better designed. And works better with voice over than ibird. Ibird on the other hand has a bit more detail on each bird although if you want more detail you could use wikipedia. And it has a few more/different features than audubon apps do. So really it depends on your interests. I am going with audubon. I like how the sounds are labelled better there. And I like that they have apps for more than just birds. Mainly I am chosing audubon over ibird simply because i like the layout with using voice over better. But it is really a personal choice. Ibird has more birds in their app. But a lot of their birds may be a similar bird just named differently because it is from a different region or whatever. At least this has been my observation from what I have read. It really depends on what you want the app for and what your going to use it for. Me I like learning. So I am after the information. Other people may want to take photos or something. I think both developers support this in the different apps. But I also like sounds. audubon has 8 hous of bird sounds compared to ibird's 5. And like I said the sounds in audubon are labelled much better. Again this is all based on the free or light versions of these apps. People can share their thoughts of course. Each person may use what works for them. I however like audubon's content and layout and variety of things more than just birds more. They don't have hawaii. But who knows they may add it as another app down the road at some point. Again both ibird and audubon look great. I just like audubon better. Just thought I would share.



Submitted by Yiskalyn on Sunday, September 30, 2012

I plan on purchasing the audubon birds and mammals apps tomorrow for my iphone. I will let you all know then via an app recommend unless someone beats me too it whether they are like the free versions of audubon apps and work with voice over or not.

Submitted by Esther on Thursday, April 25, 2013

I've generally found the Audubon apps very accessible as this poster notes in another forum post.  But while the app itself is pretty accessible, there is a new startup screen for the latest version of the Audubon Birds app (v 3.1, January 17, 2013) that prompts users to register for an account with NatureShare.  The problem is that the buttons on this screen are graphics, and are not like the screens of older Audubon apps, like Audubon Birds and Butterflies, where you can optionally register or not, and you can choose not to view this screen for future startups.  The NatureShare button options have announcements like "Green reg" button (more than one entry) and "button".  If you do a screen capture and send this to an OCR app like TextGrabber, you can find out that these buttons are "Already a Member? Sign in" and "Create a new account", while the "button" at the bottom of the screen is "Cancel".  Furthermore, if you choose "Cancel", this nag screen comes up every time you start the app. This is a new and unwelcome feature. It only appears to be present currently for the new Birds app, which was recently revised -- not the older Birds in combination with other categories apps.


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