audubon apps are accessible

iOS & iPadOS
I am really not good at submitting apps I guess. Anyway. From what I can tell each app has a similar layout. With just different content. So you can be assured you aren't wasting your money on this. If you want more details ibird pro for bird lovers may be more your thing. But I figure I can just use wikipedia or such if I want more info on the species in question. Just be aware for some reason green mountain digital do not name each app when installed by like let's say audubon birds or audubon mammals or such like. I don't know if there is a work around to this. But be aware if you have several audubon apps they will all be named audubon on your screen. Also the audubon fuild guides app that include wildlife trees mammals and birds does not have the most recent audubon birds app in it. So if you purchase that you will be missing out on some bird sounds possibly and species info. I will leave it to others to submit further apps in the audubon nature category. Again from what I can tell they are all going to be accessible except maybe nature tap. So feel free to get whichever one you like. And have fun. Oh another not. Not sure why this is but in the birds and mammals app. the buttons to get info say images birds range birds voice birds description birds and so on. Just pay attention to description voice range and such the first part of the label is the correct one. I don't know what the sightings thing does. Still trying to figure that one out. And another button. But all in all these apps seem very nice. Hope this helps any nature lovers/learners out there.


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