Audioboom version 5.0.0 death of the direct message.

iOS & iPadOS

Hi all. The update for audioboom version I think 5.0.0 just came out. In adition to making my phone crash multiple times, the direct messages are no longer either sendable, if that's a word or viewable, which I am pretty sure is in the dictionary somewhere. I'm very disheartened, as I wasn't sure they would take it from the IOS app seeing as Androiod has so many versions runing on so many phones it would make some semblance of sense. As it is, I'll be deleting my account as now there's no reason for a friend to dm me back. I looked in a follower's profile there's no way to dm them anymore or to view your old ones you did at one point. I suspect though I didn't use this feature much, comments have left along with the ability to message. I wish I didn't have to leave but I'm assuming that they won't put it back in. does anyone else find this lack of dms as annoying as i do? I mean boos are public so I knwo i'v eput up some things i wanted only certain people to hear via a direct message. Anyway that's it from here.